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6 Essential Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

Internet marketing is changing every day. What worked a few months ago today can be a waste of time. Continuously develop new services and new opportunities to attract visitors to your site. And, at the same time, many of them are hopelessly outdated. Video is a new marketing trend that will soon change reality. Video marketing is an excellent way of branding. Five minutes of video can convey much more information than a post or article. Every day video marketing is gaining popularity. After all, a well-made video is a professional seller who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But during the creation of it, worth to pay attention to every single detail such as voice over video, background and special effects.

So the importance of video marketing grows with each passing day because it can be used in many businesses. If you have a clothing store or beauty salon, show your models, service, and interior to Internet users. Record interviews with vendors tell the audience why you have decided to open this business. The main task here is to attract the client.

What have shown video marketing statistics?

This trend significantly influences the world of marketing. Video is not for the first time, occupies a leading position among the most known marketing tools. The researches have shown that 85% of people see this content monthly on their devices, especially on smartphones and tablets.

Video marketing stats are continually changing but only in the right way. Scholars assure that 54% want to see more video content and this is not strange. Many people find this way of getting information the most beneficial because they should not search and read the article or post about the proposed product or service.

It is known that this type of data presentation is the most informative. 70% of marketing professionals say that video works better than any other advertising format. For this reason, a lot of people find it the best marketing tool.

Video statistics prove the fact that many people like to see videos on social networks. They are happy to pay attention to advertising publications on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Video marketing is much more profitable compared to others. As show practice, 80% of advertisers are satisfied with this type of add because it helps to increase the sales and according to this profit.

Video content is more educational than, for example, article because the potential client can see the proposed product from all sides.

Regardless of the sphere in which your company works, there will be people who will watch your videos. However, success does not give a one-time view or casual viewers, but those who will follow your content regularly. Therefore, start creating valuable content that will be interesting and will force users to follow your channel.

So video content statistics are excellent nowadays. Moreover, it is known that more than 43% of users would like to receive more video content from marketers in the future.