bringing a dog into the us

How To Move To The USA With Pets?

Do you agree that man’s best friends are pets? Do you consider them to be a part of your family and can’t imagine your dog be alone at home while you are out of the USA? So, make sure that all the needed documents, TN Visa tax implications, and your luggage are ready for departure and let’s go for your adventure holidays with your little companion.

Here is all you should know about traveling with a dog to the USA. Read it all not to miss something important!

What Documents Do I Need To Travel With A Dog To The USA?

Every dog owner needs to know the common rules for bringing the dog into the United States. All of them are covered under US Regulations and are common for all dogs, including puppies, service animals, and emotional support dogs. According to them, every pet needs a health certificate to state that they are healthy and there will be nothing will happen while moving the country or flying for a long term.

Keep in mind it is important to complete a health certificate within 10 days of travel. No less important is to remember that if you are coming from these countries which are considering to be in a high-risk for importing dog rabies then you will need a rabies vaccine certificate which is required to enter the United States.

Who Could Help Me To Arrange The Moving In A Proper Way?

There is one more fact that may take you back. It concerns the rules of importing dogs to the United States of America. Remember, if you do not follow all CDC’s rules, your dog may not be allowed to enter the United States. Your puppy can even be deported because of the threat to the health of other animals. That is why some pet owners recommend engaging the support of someone who knows what he is doing and has experience in traveling with a dog to the USA.

Of course, moving with pets is stressful process and you may need qualified help to deal with it. You could ask advice of your friend, neighbor, pet veterinarian, or a person who had helped other families to import their pets to the United States and is able to explain exactly what you need. By the way, you may also use the services of a pet relocation agency. Be sure, it will be a great choice for your peace of mind.

How Can I Make My Dog Import To The USA Comfortable?

It is well-known fact that moving pets may be traumatic and stressful at the same time. That is why it must be useful for you to know that there is a special company that regulates and ensures pets comfortable being during the flight. Your little friend will definitely appreciate such a way of care as he will have enough space to lie, sit and even play with his favorite toys during a long period.

Moreover, the quarantine kennels will also arrange all the customs and excise document, collect pets from the port of arrival, and then they will even organize a proper veterinary inspection with rabies vaccination on arrival.