towel rain

Making a Comfy and Minimalistic Towel Rain

If you are too worried and stressed out where to store your towels without the mess, then this guide can be so-called best sleep aid for you. It is aimed to show you how easy it may be to make a towel rail and adapt the design to your style without sufficient efforts.

Shopping list

  • 10mm aluminum tube (with an 8mm internal diameter)
  • plastic plant pot
  • 3m length of 8mm steel bar
  • A 12kg bag of ready-to-mix cement
  • lacquer thinners
  • spray paintin any desired color


  • hacksaw
  • cordless drill and 10mm drill bit
  • tape measure
  • duct tape
  • bucket for mixing
  • metal file
  • rag

Project notes

This easy project will teach you the basics of working with ready-to-mix cement, as well as techniques you can use to shape steel bars and copper pipes for your projects.

Get started

1. Use the hacksaw to cut a length of 10mm aluminum tube to the same depth as the container you will be using to cast the base. Our container is 250mm deep, so we cut a 250mm length. This tube will form a permanent part of the base and will hold the towel-rail structure in place.

2. Drill just one 10mm hole in the middle of an off-cut strip of wood. This will be used to hold the short section of tube upright and in place while the cement base dries. Insert the length of aluminum tube into the hole.

3. Use a tape measure to measure a length of 8mm steel bar that will be sufficient for your towel rail and then cut it with the hacksaw. We used one 400mm section for our romantic ‘orchid inspired’ towel rail and a two 500mm length for our contemporary style towel rail and clothes hanger.

4. Use duct tape to close the drainage holes in the bottom of the plastic plant pot.

5. Use a bucket and mix the entire 12kg bag of ready-to-mix cement. Add water to the cement and sand mixture and mix it to a firm but moist consistency.

6. Position the wooden strip with the section of an aluminum tube inserted into the hole over the centre of the pot and pack the wet cement carefully around the tube until you have filled the pot to the top.

7. Tap the container on the side until the cement has settled into the container and all the bubbles have risen to the surface. A quite thin layer of water will form on top.

8. Cut two short sections of steel bar and position these in a bench vice. Place the long piece of steel bar between these short sections and then use this to bend the steel bar according to the shape you require. We created a gradual curve with the end rounded neatly to form our ‘orchid inspired’ towel rail and created a squared zigzag rail section for our contemporary-style ‘clothes horse’ towel rail.

9. Use the hacksaw to cut off any remaining part of the steel bar at each end to finish off the shapes.

Tip: When you start the project make sure that the original steel bar is longer than the design you are creating as this will help you to bend the last section of the plan more efficiently. Create beautiful bathroom isn’t an easy task so you should read a lot before doing it by yourself.

10. Select one metal file to round off the ends and remove any burrs.

11. Wipe the steel sections with a rag soaked in thinners to remove any dirt.

12. Finish the towel rail shape(s) with spray paint in the colour of your choice. We used silver for our contemporary towel rail and white for the romantic ‘orchid inspired’ version. Make your liitle bathroom look great.