Kitchen Dilemmas

Solve Any Kitchen Dilemmas with This Assistant

There is no doubt that vegetarian cooking classes boston can inspire you both with making healthy food. You will see no difference between your roshen jelly candy and the one bought at the store. Also, you will be able to convert your cooking area into something totally new and cozy. Open plan, wooden cupboards, wall finishes that don’t work… Every time home improvement demands a lot of money so your dwelling could be featured with a cozy atmosphere where you can always be inspired to cook easy or difficult but impressive recipes like sanduiches divertidos, cherry bruschetta, chocolate cheesecake, ricotta, etc.. But how to invest 50k wisely if there are at least three kitchen dilemmas that most of us have experienced in some form or other?  We have the solution. Check out how to get a kitchen that’s not only practical but also looks good and meet all our family’s specific needs.

1. Too much texture!

Helette Botes of Middelburg, Mpumalanga writes, ‘When my husband and I were blessed with triplets, we were forced to buy a bigger house. Now, we have to make it work for us on a minuscule budget, with the kitchen as our biggest challenge.’

The problem

Ouelette’s solid oak kitchen cupboards and the rough face-brick walls in the adjoining dining area usually make the entire open-plan area look very dark. It seems that nobody likes the melamine worktops, and the colors of the floor tiles and painted walls that are quite dated.


Always try to paint the kitchen cupboards with water-based enamel paint in a warm white. First sand the wood, then apply 2-3 coats of quality paint, particularly if you’re afraid the wood may show through. Dulux Fresh in the color Java Cream 4 is a good option. Along with that, new knob-shaped or strip-styled handles will provide a contemporary look.

The face brick walls will look much fresher and coordinate far better with the open-plan dining area once they’ve been painted. Consider whitewashing them to match your cupboards. Ashley, our DIY Editor, advises that you brush and vacuum the wall to remove dust and fix any cracks before painting. Apply a plaster primer followed by an acrylic PVA or cementitious paint; use a roller to cover larger areas and a brush to work paint into the grooves.

The wall directly opposite the kitchen would make an ideal focal wall. Paint it in a striking color – Dulux Rich in Celestial Blue 5 or Hawaiian Blue 4 is fresh, yet sophisticated – then cover it with framed photographs, artworks, a clock and objects on cantilevered shelves.

Paint the walls in a neutral shade, such as Plascon’s Beach Wood; you can even apply it to the tiles once you’ve painted them with a purpose-made undercoat. That, along with the lighter cupboards, is sure to give you a fresh, neutral space.

For now, retain the floor tiles as they’ll work well with the other changes to give you a great new feel – and you may find you like them so much that you don’t need to go to the expense of getting new flooring.

Consider hanging pendant lamps over the counter and replace the strip lighting with two shorter pendant lights for a contemporary look.

Turn the dining area into a more welcoming entertainment space by curtaining the window. Mount the curtain rod just under the cornice to lift the eye and add elegance, and make sure it’s long enough so that drops of curtaining hang on both sides of the window, framing it when the curtains are open. Opt for a light fabric with a stripe for visual interest.

The solution

By all means replace the worktops with granite, which Assistant Food Editor Johané believes is the ideal culinary work surface: it’s inherently sterile and easy to keep clean; go for a naturally speckled white granite.

2. Impractical

Hester Potgieter of Winburg writes: We want to renovate the kitchen cupboards in our open-plan space by replacing the doors and worktops, and to match them to the dining area as well. We are also considering creating more space by breaking through into the laundry and scullery area, and possibly the under-utilized area at the kitchen door – but wonder whether the cost will be justified.

The problem

It’s often difficult to achieve a cohesive, coordinated look in an open-plan living space. Here, Hester’s kitchen has a country feel with a more formal, elegant dining area and an informal lounge. On top of that, the kitchen’s awkward layout makes it feel smaller than it really is.


It appears that you could make extensive changes and create a far more functional space without any structural work. Start by unifying the look of all three areas with the same flooring throughout – consider grey slate, which will match the rustic look of your fireplace (not shown), while still feeling light and contemporary. You can gain more space in the kitchen by constructing a rectangular cupboard configuration, using the carcasses of the existing cupboards. Give that a fresh new look by sanding the doors and painting them with a water-based enamel such as Dulux’s Chalky Downs.

Strip the tiles and paint the walls in the same color as the cupboards for a cleaner, lighter feel. Then you can consider reupholstering the dining chairs in a pretty patterned fabric.

3. Way too smooth

Amanda Jooste of Durbanville writes, ‘I like the natural, rustic look and would like to give my wooden kitchen cupboards a weathered, whitewashed look. How do I do that?’

The problem

This attractive, characterful space needs a lift with weathered elements!

The problem room

You can do it by simply giving your wooden cupboards a new look, you’ll completely transform the appearance of this open-plan space. Lightly sand them with fine-grit sandpaper to improve the paint’s adhesion to the surfaces. Then start the process of achieving that weathered look by applying a slightly darker color, such as Dulux Bleached Lichen.

Once the first layer of paint has dried, cover it with a layer of white paint, such as Dulux Vanilla Mist 1 (you might need to apply two coats). Then, when the paint is nearly dry, and the corners of the cupboards and the door profiles so that the darker undercoat shows through. Also, replace the door handles – scout around hardware stores for something with antique styling.


Melamine cupboards would need a specifically formulated undercoat applied first.

Treat the barstools in the same way as the cupboards and finish them off with flat, round seat cushions in a cheery fabric.

Create a focal wall with framed photographs or affordable placemats.